If you love to cook and are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, there are several healthy cooking tips that you may find helpful. Here at Simplified Life, we like to encourage our readers to practice a healthy lifestyle and make sure that the meals they are eating each day are beneficial rather than detrimental to their health. Here are several healthy cooking tips we recommend:

Minimize Salt Usage

It’s tempting to sprinkle salt on just about any food in order to give it some flavor. However, a high sodium intake can lead to serious health complications such as heart disease and stroke. Rather than using salt to add flavor to your meals, you can use vinegar, lemon, lime, or chopped fresh herbs.

Replace Bad Fats with Good Fats

Although butter can make any meal taste excellent, it is a form of trans-fat that is not good for us. Therefore, you should replace butter with olive oil whenever possible. Olive oil has seven times less saturated fat than butter.

Opt for Leaner Meats

While a juicy burger is tasty, it is not good for our health. Opting for sirloin, chuck, or extra lean hamburger is a good way for you to get rid of unnecessary fat from your diet while still receiving the protein you need to increase muscle mass and strength, reduce your blood pressure, and boost your metabolism.

Forget About Frying Foods

While fried foods taste good, they can be very damaging to the heart. Instead of frying foods, you should broil, roast, steam, grill, or bake them. You will find that non-fried foods can be just as delicious as fried ones if they are cooked with enough flavor.

Pay Attention to Food Labels

When you are grocery shopping, be sure to pay attention to food labels. If you notice a food product is high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories, you should find a healthier alternative.

Control Portions

Sometimes, people eat healthy but can’t seem to lose weight because their portion sizes are too big. It’s a good idea to do some math and divide your favorite recipes to cook one serving or just enough servings for you and your family.

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